The care of your new tattoo will determine how it will look in the future. Good care immediately after tattooing will keep it looking its best. Following these steps will help with the ultimate healing in your new tattoo. Our suggestions:
1. After getting tattooed, leave plastic wrap on but for no more than 10 hours. This allows the tattoo to bleed out without your lymph drying and scabbing, while protecting the tattoo.
2. After leaving Brown Brothers Tattoo, shop for your aftercare supplies: Fragrance and dye free lotion (Aquaphor, Aveeno, Cetaphil, CeraVe,) mild soap, fresh roll of paper towels, plastic wrap (Saran Wrap,) flexible medical tape (3M transpore.)
3. Only remove the plastic wrap for the first time when you are ready to give it a thorough wash for a few minutes in the hottest water that is still comfortable to you. Use gentle soap, then rinse. It’s going to be intense. This wash will remove excess ink, blood and lymph and will help with proper healing.
4. Let the tattoo air dry. 
5. Before going to sleep the first night,  wrap the tattoo with new saran wrap and tape with no lotion under the wrap.
6. Sleep with the wrap on. This allows for your tattoo to stay moisturized with your body's lymph. If you sleep without the wrap, any hair, loose particles, sheet lint, general nastiness etc. will become a part of the scab. Wrapping will prevent your sheets and clothing from sticking to your new tattoo and potentially ruining parts of it.
7. When you wake up, remove the wrapping.  You’ll have a gooey layer of blood, ink and lymph sitting on top of the tattoo. Use WARM/HOT water and a clean damp paper towel to wash off this layer of goo. You can apply a bit of pressure with the paper towel. After you’ve removed the top layer of goo, wash with soap and your hand and let the tattoo air dry.
8. Apply a thin layer of Aquaphor and massage into tattoo for the first 2-3 days. Do not over apply. Then switch to a lighter, fragrance free, dye free lotion such as Aveeno or CeraVe if necessary. Always wash the tattoo before applying any lotion. Your tattoo is healed by your body, not by lotion. Lotion merely provides relief from dryness and itching.


-Change your sheets before you sleep in them with a fresh tattoo.
-Use fresh clean towels in case the tattoo gets accidentally touched by a towel after showering. (only dab dry a healing tattoo with clean paper towels) Never use hand or bath towels to dry a tattoo. They can stay moist and can harbor bacteria.
-Keep your healing tattoo away from:
sunlight, friction, dirty clothing, the inside of well worn jackets and coats, dirty people, bar and table tops in drinking and eating establishments, watchbands, hot tubs, pools and lakes
-Never pick or peel; scabs protect your tattoo and will fall off naturally
-Use high SPF sun block to protect your tattoo after it has healed. Always.
-Drink plenty of water while healing.