BUST: juicy                              WAIST: ity bity                            HIPS: never lie                        HEIGHT: 5'9 1/2"                      WEIGHT: 205                                SIGN: Gemini                              BIRTH DATE: 5/21/1978                BIRTH PLACE: Paris, IL (city of love)

GOALS: grow and progress as a human being and tattooer, travel the country on my motorcycle, shed more light, get shredded and live life to the fullest - namaste

TURN ONS: lone wolves and black sheep, Shelley Duval, red hair, marching to the beat of your own drum, butts, motorcycles

TURN OFFS: yuppies, loud mouths, know it alls, curmudgeons, lazy people, you get the idea. If you work against progress, impede civil liberties, and individual freedom for anyone then *see category

FAVORITE BOOKS: War All the Time, Fahrenheit 451, House of Leaves, Tattoo History, World History. I like to read, a lot.

FAVORITE MUSIC: Bjork, Buddy Rich, Springsteen, Mogwai, Sabbath, Rush, Stars of Light, anything with a fucking soul

FAVORITE SPORTS: Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, oh and yeah Hockey

FAVORITE TATTOOER: The people I work with; at the shop and when I travel. They are the ones who inspire me and push me daily to become a better tattooer 


Contact jmccrocklin37@gmail.com for appointments.


DRAWINGS AND TATTOOS BY JUSTIN McCROCKLIN Justin McCrocklin specializes in kewpie, canoe, eagle, locomotive, tiki torch, tiger, unicorn, rope, popeye, celtic cross, rat, snowflake, pig, rooster, coffin, campfire, aeroplane, electrical, hockey, mickey mouse, fishing, bleeding heart tattoos. In Chicago. In Humboldt Park.

Contact jmccrocklin37@gmail.com for appointments.