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Marshall Brown specializes in hot dog, boobies, sun, moon, pizza, monkey, beer, clown, cat, snake head, horse, spider, ufo, heart, jesus, fox, owl, cupcake, bacon, log cabin and dog tattoos. In Chicago. In Humboldt Park.
Sign: Pisces                                 
Birth Date: 3/03/1983                     
Birth Place: Park Ridge, IL

GOALS: to chill hard with minimal stress and maximum vacations, to be moderately busy with super sick walks-ins, six pack abs, to remember peoples names, to be mutually loved and respected by all or maybe just tolerated by one person (my wife) for the rest of my life (I'm not greedy)
TURN ONS: good tattoo ideas with no particular style limitations, loyalty in general (not in regards to getting tattooed), empathy, fairness, big butts, big heads, and prominent chompers
TURN OFFS: cool guys, extreme artsiness, differing opinions from mine, greedy and classist behavior, i.e. elitism
FAVORITE MOVIES: Kelly's Heroes, The Great Escape, Teen Wolf, Stick it and The Gods Must Be Crazy
FAVORITE BOOKS: Peoples History of The United States, The Decameron
FAVORITE MUSICIANS: Brian Eno, Ray Davies, Roger Miller, Arthur Lee, Boosty Collins
FAVORITE SPORTS: football (DA BEARS), Skateboarding (is not a sport), and swimming in natural holes