micah st. john

Bust: 34                                            Waist: 30                                            Hips: 32                                            Height: 5' 4"                                Weight: 150                                    Sign: aquarius                                  Birth Date: 2/4/1988                      Birth Place: st. croix, virgin islands

GOALS: drink beers, travel, tattoo

TURN ONS: positive people, thick thighs, beaches, a good old fashioned

TURN OFFS: try hards, time bandits, ego maniacs

FAVORITE MOVIES: Life Aquatic, Time Bandits, North by Northwest

FAVORITE BOOKS: Bukowski, Into the Wild, The Alchemist

FAVORITE MUSICIANS: Dead Moon, The Spits, Rolling Stones

FAVORITE SPORTS: water sports

FAVORITE TATTOOER: George Burchette, Charles Wagner, Cap Coleman, Les Skose, Amund Dietzel, Percy Waters


Contact mpsjtattoo@gmail.com for appointments.


DRAWINGS AND TATTOOS BY MICAH PAUL SAINT JOHN Micah Paul St. John specializes in eagle, snake, panther, dagger, skull, flower, spider, web, girlhead, pinup, clipper ship, tiger, mans ruin, wolf, butterfly, devil, dragon, mermaid and salamander tattoos. In Chicago. In Humboldt Park.